OUT OF SIGHT is a participatory, interactive, social sculpture designed for all walks of life.

“A person coming in with whatever situation they find it, young, old or indifferent, the minute they have any thoughts about themselves going FROM HERE TO THERE, will be able to stand still and realize they first have to imagine themselves doing it, that's assuming a position.”

Lawrence Weiner Artist


About the project

OUT OF SIGHT is an interactive, generic 'sculpture' by internationally recognized American conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner.

Adaptable to the ground—indoor or outdoor—this two- dimensional, site-specific work offers participating museums, civic and public venues an opportunity to temporarily (or permanently) install a work of art that forges an engaging connection with audiences from all walks of life including adults, teenagers and children.

With the OUT OF SIGHT project, Weiner’s signature text-based work has shifted off the wall and onto the floor, creating a pathway to be viewed and navigated, both physically and intellectually.

OUT OF SIGHT is not only a work of art but also acts as a metaphorical framework for the journey of self-discovery and empowerment, enlivening the experience of each person who encounters it.

OUT OF SIGHT is an artwork that celebrates the potential within all of us to connect with ourselves and with each other in a process of shared exploration.

OUT OF SIGHT is about visualizing what can be.

“The shape of OUT OF SIGHT and how it travels makes it readable and appear as a journey, which for me kind of connects the phrases and makes their meaning clearer. Making a choice, taking a chance, the unknown."

Olivia, Age 14Melbourne

Here To There

The OUT OF SIGHT project includes the HERE TO THERE (2017) publication by Lawrence Weiner. HERE TO THERE is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch and French.

"While interacting with OUT OF SIGHT, I learned the importance of creative thinking and problem solving that could help me through hard times in my life."

Jackson, Age 13Chicago


OUT OF SIGHT has been installed in Miami, Melbourne, Belgium, and Chicago (with additional cities currently in development). Click through the gallery below to view images of these indoor and outdoor exhibitions around the globe.





Kortrijk, Belgium



"The OUT OF SIGHT phrases are all about sort of giving you a direction. It's kind of nice and relatable to look at the future in this playful way."

Claudia, Age 15Miami


OUT OF SIGHT has been installed in Miami, Melbourne, Belgium, and Chicago (with additional cities currently in development). Click through the gallery below to see videos of these indoor and outdoor exhibitions around the globe.

Kate Ryan, Curator of Children's Programs at The National Gallery of Victoria discusses how OUT OF SIGHT, a participatory hopscotch-inspired artwork aims to inspire Melbourne's youth and teens.

Teens from the NGV respond to the OUT OF SIGHT journey by reflecting on who they are, who they want to be – and how they aim to get there.

PAMM Chief Curator Tobias Ostrander introduces Pérez Art Museum Miami’s exhibition OUT OF SIGHT, a generic structure by American artist Lawrence Weiner.

The Pérez Art Museum Miami brings police and local community together in critical dialogue around Lawrence Weiner's OUT OF SIGHT.

John and Claudia, members of Pérez Art Museum Miami’s Teen Arts Council, share their thoughts on the museum’s exhibition, Lawrence Weiner: OUT OF SIGHT.

See OUT OF SIGHT from a birds eye view in Kortrijk, Belgium where the marelle was included in a city-wide exhibition, PLAY

In the museum’s first ever #PAMMKids Ask a Curator segment, India has some questions for Lawrence Weiner about his "OUT OF SIGHT" installation, and PAMM Curator Maria Elena Ortiz provides her with some answers!

Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) and Florida Grand Opera (FGO) collaborated for a one-night-only performance to activate Lawrence Weiner's immersive installation, OUT OF SIGHT.

Hear Melbourne teens respond to the OUT OF SIGHT journey by reflecting on their pasts to determine new paths for the future.

The Chicago Park District welcomes the public to explore OUT OF SIGHT, through creative thinking, playing, learning, and various form of inspiration.

“I think OUT OF SIGHT is extremely relatable for teenagers and what people our age are thinking about: school, family, life choices. It’s kind of reassuring. It’s encouraging if you start at OUT OF SIGHT."

Mia, Age 14Melbourne


“I take it as a pathway. The beginning to me is the ‘assuming a position’ and the end is ‘out of sight.’‘Out of Sight’ is in the distance, in the future and not yet visible. For me, it works like a path and reminds me of my school pathway. I am hoping for the best in school, planning senior year subjects to set me up for what I want to pursue.”

Laura Age 15

“I understood the piece to be a moving forward work inspiring integrity, determination, and inspiration. To me, it’s a path. Door to door, beginning to end; it’s a metaphor for life. I think it’s relating to a just- graduated student. It makes me think of forward thinking and high hopes.”

Zoe Age 15

“A very interactive approach to engaging teens. All the sentences connect to me and I really like its use of words. It makes sense to me as these are sentences I’ve heard often and feel a connection to."

Charlotte Age 14

“The text could mean different things depending on one’s thoughts on life. ‘Spit into the wind’ could mean exactly what it states but personally I think it could mean let the wind carry away the bad part. The message is very different from other inspirational quotes. Forget about the past if it’s not relevant to the present.”

Anna Age 15

"For those who don't enjoy drawing/ writing, the hands-on (hopscotch and outside) are great! All students have a chance to see same areas (paper building)."

Marie Educator, PAMM

“It was educational for my kids, perfect timing before school starts.”

Andrea Educator, PAMM

“The text seems like it is talking about a narrative or poem, saying that the future is not bright or maybe clear, but no matter how, there will always be a way through the situation. The story for me is about life, about what life will be like later on.”

Renzo, Age 15Melbourne


OUT OF SIGHT has been installed in Miami, Melbourne, Belgium, and Chicago (with additional cities currently in development). Click through the list below to learn more about these indoor and outdoor exhibitions around the globe.

“I think OUT OF SIGHT is about the journey of life and changing who you are for the best while putting yourself out there. I took it as a pathway through childhood to becoming an adult.”

Annabelle, Age 14Miami


Information on Lawrence

Nowness Lawrence Weiner's Realm of Distance

  • About Lawrence

    Lawrence Weiner's personal statement about his life and work states: Lawrence Weiner attended the New York public school system. The late 1950s and early 60s were spent traveling throughout North America (USA - Mexico and Canada). The first presentation of the work was in Mill Valley California in 1960.

    Weiner divides his time between his studio in New York City and his boat in Amsterdam. He participates in public and private projects and exhibitions in the new and the old world maintaining that:

    Art is the empirical fact of the relationships of objects to objects in relation to human beings & not dependent upon historical precedent for either use or legitimacy.

“Lawrence’s creation physicalizes positive thinking. This artwork connects visitors through a process of shared discovery and echoes themes of joy and personal focus, celebrating the potential within all of us.”

Tobias OstranderPAMM Chief Curator


General Information

Thank you for your interest in the OUT OF SIGHT project. It is our goal to bring OUT OF SIGHT to museums, parks, cultural centers, public spaces and non-traditional venues around the world.

OUT OF SIGHT has been exhibited at notable international museums and venues including the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), Miami, FL, the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Melbourne, Australia and the city-wide ‘PLAY’ exhibition in Kortrijk, Belgium.

OUT OF SIGHT is currently on view at several major parks around Chicago, USA, including Maggie Daley Park and Walsh Park.

OUT OF SIGHT is a project of See The Vision, Grab The Vision, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to helping every young mind celebrate his or her own potential through creative expression.